A small farming village historically held by the Daidoji family of the Crane clan. Bandits attacked, but it was the Lion clan that answered the call to defend the town. The Crane did not hear of the raid in time to dispatch forces of their own. By Imperial law, the land belongs to the clan that defends it, and the Matsu family brought it into their holdings.

Tensions simmered, and Shosuro Genji sent Bayushi Etsuya, Soshi Seiya, and Togashi Satoru to investigate and report their findings to Doji Shiina and Ikoma Takuya. There, they met with Asahina Genji and Kakita Katsura, taking the latter with them as a bodyguard.

The delegation mysteriously vanished, and blame fell once again at the feet of the Crane who were not able to defend the roads on which they traveled.

Now, Kakita Fumiko has asked that Kakita Itsuma and Kakita Tensen, as well as Agasha Kirari and Shiba Yuki retreive the swords of her fallen associates.


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