Sparrow Clan

The Sparrow Clan was a minor clan founded in the year 400. They resided in a small, barren patch of hills between the vast provinces of the Crane and Crab Clans. There, the tenacious samurai of the Sparrow had carved out an honorable, though difficult, existence. They were known chiefly by the rest of the Empire for their long-winded storytellers, who were generally avoided or used as distractions in court. They were a small clan who had very little and lead their lives of Honorable Poverty in service of necessity.

Kyuden Suzume

The castle of the Sparrow Clan was stark and functional, providing a fortified position where the Sparrow Clan and their heimin can defend themselves in time of war.

Suzume Shiro was a one-story stone house without any sort of external ornamentation or decoration of any kind. Some samurai of the Great Clans who passed by, mistakenly believed it was a stable or a large storage house, as once the famous Daidoji Uji. In time, Kyuden Suzume grew and became the only estate in the Minor Clans which could claim was large enough to host an Emperor’s Winter Court. An array of tunnels was built beneath it, extending in every direction for hundreds of yards.

Sparrow Clan

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