The Scorpion's Sting



I understand you have left your household and ridden north to join forces with the Emerald Champion in your bid to aid against the ronin armies of the south, so this letter may not find you before I do, but I must send it all the same, just in case.

The events that have transpired here in the court of the Suzume are too alarming to understate: the Scorpion have infiltrated the court, and posed as the Yoritomo family Daimyo in what appears to be an effort to undermine the Three Man Alliance. Some innocent Sparrow samurai were lost in the process of unraveling the mystery, but I believe we have earned the Sparrow’s favor for our role in rooting out this foul plot. With this ugly affair concluded, I feel that the Sparrow will speak favorably of us to the Mantis and the Fox, thus setting the stage for more amicable negotiations, going forward.

It is the honor of any samurai to faithfully and loyally serve their lord, and I call upon you, Uncle, to allow me to serve with you in fighting back the amassed ronin army. The honor of the Crane is being tested by the vile aggression of these wave-men, and we are near enough to be of some assistance, if it pleases you.

I will allow Tensen to inform you of the details, but I wish to emphasize how impressively he conducted himself whilst in the care of the Suzume’s hospitality. He has made the Kakita ancestors proud, this day, and he looks forward to doing so again on the field of battle. As do we all.

Blessings of the nine be with you, uncle.

- itsuma


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