The Scorpion's Sting

A song of steel

A strange woman, Shihoseki. It is my own fault, I suppose. I dared to wonder what marriage arrangements might be available for me, and before I had made sense of my own thoughts, Kirari took action and introduced me to the Suzume Daimyo’s daughter. It was a curious meeting, as first impressions go. Though we drew steel, I cannot help but shake the suspicion that it qualified as flirting. A strange woman, indeed.

Her art is one of turmoil, however. There are many motives as to why an artist picks up a brush, and I sense that Shihoseki does so to vent her frustrations. If she is not careful, she will color her world in the very anger she seeks to expel from herself. The peace I seek may be consumed by its fury …

… or galvanized by it. She has certainly spiced up this visit; that much is for certain.

I will need to meditate on this; it all happened so fast. I confess there was a certain thrill inherent in our impromptu duel. I would sing her a song, but I suspect the only song she is interested in is a song of steel.

Still, that is a song I know well.


lindevi CrankyPelican

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