Kitsune Toshihiro



Son of the Fox Clan Champion, Toshihiro is an awkward man who is often away from court for some reason or another. And his pacifism towards all living things is odd as well, yet he is hansom and when he does speak his words are charming, morphing to fit every situation. Rumors are though that anyone who has broken a promise to him has suffered horrific fates.

Minor Clan Court Notes

  • Betrothed to Suzume Shihoseki on the first night of the court, much to both of their surprise. She thinks that he is “too strange” for her.
  • After making her promise not to tell anyone ever, he revealed to Agasha Kirari that he is in fact a shapechanger and prefers to spend his time as a creature of the forest.
  • He has traveled into the tunnels beneath Kyuden Suzume and has allegedly found something important in the depths.

Kitsune Toshihiro

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