Suzume Shintaro

Eldest son of Suzume Satoru


Suzume Satoru’s eldest son, Shintaro, should be next in line to become Clan Champion, but it is rumored that his sword arm was damaged in his youth and subsequently he is not the swordsmen that a clan of bushi would follow. Despite Shintaro’s disadvantage he seems a brilliant statesman, he holds meetings late into the night, and he studies the art of conversation as created by Lady Doji. He is obviously an ambitious man looking to make allies at court, and to impress his father. He enjoys conversations over a game of go, or a poetry contest.

Minor Clan Court Notes

  • He seems to appreciate the company of Shinjo Maemi, and even won the trust of her Utaku battle steed, Content Not Found: Saya. Shintaro himself is unmarried, but cannot marry above himself or risk losing his claim to become daimyo of Kyuden Suzume.
  • Met with Agasha Kirari on the first night of court to encourage her to pursue Kitsune Toshihiro, whom he deemed to be a “poor match” for his sister, Suzume Shihoseki. This seems motivated by the fact that if she marries the son of the Fox Clan Champion, Shintaro will be forever doomed to lead from the shadows.

Suzume Shintaro

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