Suzume Satoru

Sparrow Clan Champion


By age Satoru is an elderly man, but he looks much too young for a man of 70.


Suzume Satoru is the daimyo of the Sparrow Clan. A long winded story tell by nature He is an irreproachable paragon of honor. Yet what is the secret to his slow aging? Satoru commands great respect from his peers, and reluctant as the minor clans may be they seem compelled to appease him, and his recent military victory against the Scorpion only bolsters his clan’s reputation.

Minor Clan Court Notes

  • At the opening ceremony Kakita Itsuma’s gift of a biwa song seemed to please him the most.
  • During the Minor Clan court he was oft seen in the company of the Lion bard, Ikoma Hagio.
  • When Agasha Kirari broached the matter of the disgraced guard he was very dismissive.

Suzume Satoru

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