Agasha Kirari

Fire Shugenja and Weaponsmith


Agasha Kirari is a headstrong and brazen weaponsmith who uses the power of the fire kami to craft, refine, and enhance bladed weapons. She’s a competent swordswoman and uses her prayers to fight and defend. Her family line was cast out by a sect of the Brotherhood of Shinsei and she does not play well with water kami.


0-6: Kirari develops an affinity for fire and accidentally summons her friendly kami, Bien, inside of a blacksmith’s barn. As payment, she has to help where she can around the forge and develops an interest in weaponsmithing.

7-12: Kirari is admitted into the Agasha Shugenja dojo, where she learns to how to venerate the kami. She is introduced to Shiba Yuki, who is to be her guardian. She insists that he teach her swordsmanship, and he initially refuses. Unbeknownst to her, her sensei approaches the bushi and grants him permission to teach her, knowing that it will strengthen the bond between them.

13-18: Before her gempukku ceremony, Kirari requests permission to travel to her family’s ancestral lands in the Dragon mountains to meditate and commune with the kami, spending a night in vigil. She is gone a week, and comes back a changed woman, but unbeknownst to her, Tamori Gairo saw her trespassing in Dragon lands. If he ever sees her again, he will attempt to arrest her. They are actually distant cousins.

18-Present: Travels to study with the Kakita and learn their swordsmithing. Her contrarian nature and straightforward individualism has already strained relations with some of her hosts, especially Kakita Inakara, a courtier. Luckily, she is a diligent student and the man under whom she is training, Kakita Rensetsu-sensei, sees great potential in her. She is in Crane lands also to avoid Isawa Nengen, a Phoenix water shugenja whom her parents have threatened to marry her off to more than once. He is too passive and slow-moving for her, and much older besides. He admires Kirari’s inner fire and wants what’s best for her, though she can’t see that yet.

Agasha Kirari

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