The Scorpion's Sting

A missive to Doji Aya


I apologize for the lapse in time since my last communication. Though duty makes for a poor excuse when tending to matters of import such as strong and treasured friendships, I am afraid I must beg your forgiveness, for it is duty which has stayed my brush all this time.

It troubles me greatly to hear of the attack on your husband, and you have my word as both a trusted friend, and as a samurai fortunate enough to bear the name of Kakita, that I will do everything I can to unravel the identity of his assailants. I can only hope that he was allowed to return to you; if so, is there any information he can offer as to the nature of his assailants? If they took him, do you know of any one who may have seen him last? The information you have already shared with me has been useful beyond measure, and I will see to it that your husband’s honor is avenged.

I miss playing for you, Aya; I owe you a performance complete with encore the next time we meet. Were my business not so pressing now, I would make sure to take respite in your household en route, but especially with the news of the attack on your husband, the need for haste has only grown. I will make sure to pass by your lands upon my return, however; perhaps my journey will have afforded me a new song!

In lieu of sharing music together, let me leave you with a poem:

A song of silence
Rings as hollow as a reed,
Quiet kills the soul

May the sun kiss your cheek and the moon bless your dreams.

- Itsuma


lindevi CrankyPelican

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